Why buy from us?

Service is a dirty word in the "standard" industrial market,
AB&S prides itself on its customer focus & ability to do the "non-standard"

Meeting the customers requirements is the key to a successful outcome. At AB&S, the man who sells the shed orders the shed and supervises the contractors. We accept calls 24 hours a day and provide after hours numbers. Let's face it, if you can't work something out you want to talk to the person who designed the shed.

A company is only as good as its last job. Ask for the name and telephone number of our last client- then check out the sort of service and product they received. Do the same with the opposition companies. We pride ourselves on looking after our customers and delivering a quality product for their needs.

Our sheds are designed to the highest structural standards, not just to meet the minimum structural limits. Despite this, our latest technology design system and computer drafting system allow us to deliver highly competitive solutions for our customers.

Check out the bracket thickness, purlin spacing and metal gauges that we utilise- the heaviest in the industry.
Industry Fact: You get what you pay for. The cheapest shed will use the cheapest and the lightest material and invariably deteriorates more quickly.

We pride ourselves on being a local company, employing local qualified tradesmen and utilising local suppliers.

We pride ourselves on being a local company, employing local qualified tradesmen & utilising local suppliers.

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Advanced Barns and Sheds have the ability to handle any part of the erection process

Our tradesmen are qualified professionals with the appropriate tickets and insurances.

Alternatively, you can choose to make your own arrangements and have us supply in kit form only. To assist with the self-erect process we supply pivot-up footing brackets on all sheds over 3 metres high. This simplifies the erection process as the smaller sized gables frames can be "walked up" into position.

Supply - General Rule: We normally expect to deliver a basic kit in 4 working weeks from time of order. However, variations can occur around Christmas and extended public holidays.

Our sheds are built to last using fully galvanised and high tensile steel. Our computer design system uses the latest in design technology and is fully engineered up to cyclonic standards. Our sheds are fully framed and have a full free-standing skeleton.

Whilst we are happy to price "standard" sheds, we believe that standards are more useful to shed companies than customers. We design products to suit your needs.